How To Start A Business In Brazil

When a person thinks about Brazil, he /she conjures images that are related to the carnival, the soccer affiliation of the people as also the beautiful and fun places that are worth visiting in the country. however when one looks at brazil through the eyes of a businessman there is lot more to be seen that that what meets the human eye. This large country is home to some of the most diverse resources in terms of mineral as well as labor. The Brazilian people are like the Americans in everything but they are far more different than them. Through this article I would like to introduce you to the basic necessities that one needs to keep in mind while setting out on a business venture in the country of Brazil.

The central business hubs of Brazil lie in the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo is the country's second largest city with Rio de Janeiro coming in the top ten. The main government is situated in Brasilia but these two cities dominate the countries business field as almost 25- 30 % of the population of the country resides in these two countries. If you plan on opening a business venture in Brazil you will need to fly in and for this you will require a tourist visa. Tourist visas last for a year in which time you should be able to launch y our business and then convert to a business visa that lasts for 5 years. The language that is spoken all through Brazil is Portuguese and though dealings can be done in English it is better if you learn the language to make it better for you to converse with the natives.

While starting your business it would be good if your law firm introduces you to a Brazilian law firm as the legal paperwork required for your business venture can be done faster and without unwanted hassles. Having a Brazilian national as a partner or and acquaintance will help speed up the paper work and allow you to get started in better time.

Starting a full-fledged business is not very easy as the natives will want to know who you are before they begin dealing with you on a large scale. It is a time consuming process but once the wait is over you will prosper greatly. There is a lot of infrastructure available in brazil for those who want to start a business but the rewards are not immediate and you will have to wait a while till you develop contacts and other resources in the market. Raising money for your business venture is not easy and will take a lot of time.

Brazil on the whole is a very fascinating and beautiful country with a lot of room for new and better ventures to be developed. The best way to get going is by finding locals who cotton onto you, a Brazilian law firm and patience that will see you going full throttle when the going is good.

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