Brazil Business Venture

Brazil is a country nestled in the South American continent and is home to all what the body desires. Right from fun and entertainment Brazil also packs a lot of opportunities for those who would like to set up shop in this country. The ample amounts of natural resources as well as the friendly people around who are there to help you at every single step are the benefits one looks at when opening a business venture in this country.

The road to setting up a business venture in this country however is not very easy and is filled with a lot of hardships and legal paperwork hassles. Regulations in place do not allow any non Brazilian national to be at the top most post in a business establishment like a company or institution. Small scale business factions are not governed by such rules and thus it is a better idea if one thinks of capitalizing on this opening,

There are a number of options that are open to people to choose from when they first decide to open a small scale business like a hotel, restaurant, caf or a place where one can buy souvenirs and other memorabilia. You will to take the help of a Brazilian lawyer to assist you with the legal paper work that comes before you open your business venture.

Basically is has been seen that those wishing to open a business in this country inter the country with a tourist visa which has a validity for about a year, this is a good options as it will take about a month or two to finalize details for your new venture. After everything is finalized you can try to convert to a business visa. The validity of the business visa is about 5 years and it can be renewed. You can also try applying for a permanent visa after going through the necessary paperwork.

Business establishments in this country are divided into two classes: sociedade limitada and sociedade anonima.

- sociedade limitada :

This is the term that comes after each developing business venture name where in the rules state that the head of such a business venture should be a Brazilian. He can be a partner or a friend who is a national of Brazil. This rule doesn't apply to the shareholders and the shareholders can be of any country and origin.

- sociedade anonima :

This term comes after the name of the business and determines the fact that such businesses have the right to be included in the stock market.

To register your business you will have to approach the office of the registrar who takes care of all the points necessary for the registration purpose. Also you will need to increase you friend circle in this country if you want to capitalize on all the opportunities to expand and grow your business. Brazil is a huge and vibrant country with a lot of room for development and it is up to the people to make use of this so that this country can reach the top of the world where business is concerned.