Farming Acai Berries In Brazil

Acai berries grow in the tropical rainforest of Amazon. The berries are brown in color and resemble grapes. They are nutrient rich and considered to be a super food. They have more protein than eggs and contain trace minerals which help in regeneration of muscles. It contains amazing amounts of antioxidants which breaks down the fat molecules in your body and keeps you looking young. Hollywood stars has been using Acai berries to look gorgeous and young for quite some time but recently with the growth of many weight loss products and other commercial applications the popularity of Acai has been steadily increasing.

This is putting more pressure on the Acai farmers to turn up more berries. Demand for the berries is high while the production is insufficient. So, this presents a very good opportunity to entrepreneurs looking to start5 new and profitable business. Acai palm needs plenty of sunlight, high levels of humidity and a nearby water source. So try to locate your farmyard as close to a river as possible. Tall Acai palm trees grow better quality berries. Shady areas are perfect for growing tall Acai palm trees. Acai trees start bearing fruit as soon as three years from germination. However, the best quality Acai berries are from trees that are 10 -12 ft in height. Growing trees of that height will require you to plant it in a big area with plenty of resources. Make sure that the temperature does not go down below 70 degrees F. or it will damage the trees. If it gets below 70 degrees then definitely cover the trees with blankets. It is best to go with organic farming and avoid the harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers which damage the soil. Acai trees help regenerate the rainforest in places where human developments have damaged the forest.

All the fruit picking is done by hand and you can easily appoint cheap man power from the surrounding villages. The locals climb up the palm trees in the afternoon and cut of the branches with machetes. This has been an Amazon tradition for centuries. Generally the branches are loaded in to boats which when filled sails of to the nearby city for sale. The harvest period starts from August and continues through December. For most poor areas in Amazon, it is their staple food but it is very popular among people of all ages in Brazil. The berries are in its most potent form for 2 to 3 days after harvest and after that the potency starts to decline. So, be sure to sell them as soon as you can after harvesting.

The berries have a high commercial value and will fetch you better price is can export them. Acai is growing in popularity all over the world and people are ready to pay a good price for nutrient rich berries. The secret to successfully earning a lot of profit is to provide excellent quality berries at a reasonable price. Brazil needs more Acai farmers to produce more berries in order to meet the growing demand.