Starting BioDiesel Conversion Business In Brazil

If you are looking to start a good business in Brazil that will benefit you tremendously and have immense growth potential then BioDiesel conversion might sound like music to your years. Currently we depend mostly on fossil fuels like petroleum to power our cars. They create a lot of pollution depleting our environment but most importantly we are running out of oil. We consume so much oil that the oil wells all over the world are drying up fast. This has become a major concern for all governments. We must look for an alternative fuel source to power our cars and stop our dependence on fossil fuel. BioDiesel is one such fuel that can power our future generation of cars.

BioDiesel can be a very profitable business with lots of future potential - alternative car fuels are the future of the automobile industry, and Brazil has a strong position on the production end of it. Many entrepreneurs have made a lot of profit simply by charging restaurant for collection of their waste oil. Once you have converted the vegetable oil to BioDiesel you can get a lot of tax incentive for creating alternative fuel source. But, in order to start of the business you first need to get a BioDiesel processor. When buying a BioDiesel processor you should for warranty and easy instructions to create your first batch of BioDiesel. A BioDiesel processor with an annual capacity of 2.3 million gallons would be enough to start off your business. You would need a good oil carrying truck if you are to collect your own oil.

You can get such a truck easily and for a low cost at a local truck dealer and then modify according to your needs. You need to buy the chemicals needed to convert vegetable oil into BioDiesel and you need to buy it in bulk amounts. It can be done easily by contacting the manufacture. They will either sell you directly or will refer you to a distributor. The chemicals you need to buy are methanol and NaOH or KOH. You need a building to set up the plant. You need the area to be well ventilated since the mixture of methanol and NaOH creates harmful vapors. Many entrepreneurs set up their facility in a container trailer. It costs less and you can easily move the facility according to your business need. You can also buy a metal building for a little more money. It's durable and has a lot of rooms for you to set up your business. You also need to buy storage tanks. A storage tank with 15,000 gallon capacity should be enough to start off with.

You should go out and talk to local gas stations and truck companies. If you can convince them to buy BioDiesel from you then you have a running business that will make tons of profit and has a huge future growth potential. BioDiesel burns much cleaner than petroleum based fuel and costs much less to produce. It is a natural resource with almost no limit to the amount that can be produced and most important of all it breaks our dependency on conventional fossil fuels.